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Additional Resources

For more information about Saudi Aramco and Saudi Arabia, the following resources are recommended:


Saudi Aramco Web Site:

Aramco Services Company Web Site:

Aramco Expatriate-Operated Web Site:

Aramco Expatriate Children-Operated Web Site:

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia:


Why Should We Join Saudi Aramco? A company brochure highlighting the rewards of joining Saudi Aramco and living in Saudi Arabia, of interest to job candidates and their families. Download Brochure

Amazing Journey: Exploring Saudi Arabia and Saudi Aramco. A children's book about family and friendships that lead to an enriching experience of a country and company. Download Book

Saudi Aramco At A Glance: A company brochure encompassing the history, projects, and operations of Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil company. Download Brochure

Saudi Aramco World: A bimonthly publication and leading source of apolitical information about the history, geography, arts and cultures of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and the wider Islamic world. To order a free subscription, go to

A Land Transformed: The Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia and Saudi Aramco. The seventh edition of one of the most authoritative English-language sources for study of the history of the Arabian Peninsula. Available from

Job Fairs and Tradeshows

Saudi Aramco hosts job fairs in North America throughout the year, and also exhibits at major oil-and-gas tradeshows and other industry shows. While there, company representatives are on-hand to talk about careers, Saudi Aramco and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Aramco is seeking talented
professionals in a wide variety of fields.