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From the first oil well to the latest discovery, Saudi Aramco employees have developed and applied the latest technology. Some of Saudi Aramco's leading centers include the Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Center (EXPEC), the Research and Development Center (R&DC), and Oil Supply, Planning and Scheduling (OSPAS).

EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC)

EXPEC ARC's target for the next 20 years is to develop specialized technologies necessary to achieve its upstream objectives of increasing discovery of oil resources and increasing reservoir recovery from 50% to 70% in major producing fields. EXPEC ARC comprises six specialized technology teams, a laboratory and field support Operations Services Division, and a Strategic Technology Analysis Division.

Teams conduct research and development inhouse or collaboratively with leading global institutions and companies. Two years ago, EXPEC ARC introduced the concept of Reservoir Nanorobots, known as Resbots™. Nano-scale Resbots could be deployed with the fluids injected into a hydrocarbon reservoir to record reservoir pressure, temperature and fluid type, storing the information in on-board memory that can be retrieved to better manage the reservoir and pave the way for increased recovery rates. For the Resbots concept, EXPEC ARC won the prestigious New Horizons Idea Award at the 2008 World Oil Awards.

Research & Development Center (R&DC)

R&DC has adopted an approach to devise research programs that target near-, medium-and long-term needs. The first priority is the desulfurization of crude oil. In the medium-term, the company is investigating clean fuels, and the management of carbon release is the third research focus. On behalf of Engineering Services, R&DC administers the Technology Program for the testing and deployment of cutting-edge technologies that enhance operational reliability, efficiency and safety.

Oil Supply, Planning & Scheduling (OSPAS)

OSPAS is the hub of oil, gas and refined products management. The primary mission of OSPAS is to ensure that hydrocarbon system capacities and inventories are well-managed to meet customer needs and company profitability. OSPAS is com posed of five divisions: Oil, Gas & NGL, Terminal, Refined Products and Supply Planning & Engineering. Operations are highly integrated to ensure efficient and optimal delivery of hydrocarbons to customers of Saudi Aramco. The focal point of OSPAS is the Operations Coordination Center (OCC) video wall. Loaded with the latest display technology, the massive (biggest in the hydrocarbon industry) series of screens provides a real-time display of Saudi Aramco's key operations.

Saudi Aramco is seeking talented
professionals in a wide variety of fields.

There is a real emphasis at Saudi Aramco on innovation and creativity. You are encouraged to pursue operational improvements, develop prototypes and, further, to work toward patents for unique and novel ideas.

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