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Saudi Aramco offers a comprehensive benefits plan with the flexibility to tailor benefits to individual needs and preferences.

Retirement, savings and insurance plans

Depending on the specific payroll, the employee receives either a company-funded retirement plan, a company-matched savings plan and a range of insurance plan options, or an annual cash payment equal to 17-19% of annual base salary. This allows the employee flexibility to make his own insurance and savings decisions, in addition to specific benefits provided by Saudi Aramco.

Repatriation allowance

Employees are paid annually for the travel costs from Saudi Arabia to the point of origin for the employee and each eligible dependent residing in Saudi Arabia.

Educational assistance

In addition to local schooling options, the company reimburses employees, up to established limits, to enroll their eligible dependents in private schools overseas. The age at which the dependent can enroll in an overseas private school varies according to the employee's payroll. The program also covers the cost of a specified number of trips from a private school location to Saudi Arabia. These travel costs are also covered for eligible dependents who are attending college.

Annual vacation

Based on payroll and salary code, employees earn up to 38 calendar days vacation each year, in addition to an extra 2-4 travel days.

Company holidays

In addition to annual vacation entitlements, employees are typically granted between 9 and 11 days of paid holidays each year.

Personal effects shipment

The company pays for and arranges the shipment of personal effects from the employee's point of origin to Saudi Arabia, and returns them when employment in Saudi Arabia is terminated.

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