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Living in Saudi Arabia offers expatriate employees and their families the opportunity to discover a new country and culture. Typically, Saudi Aramco employees also develop strong multinational friendships, enjoy plenty of family and recreational time, and travel the world.

The conveniences of everyday life, including modern housing, schools, healthcare and shopping, are all conveniently located in company-operated communities. Recreational activities in Saudi Aramco communities are many, and include golf, swimming, sailing, horseback riding and more.

Numerous community clubs also support special interests, including running, bridge, scrapbooking and archeology.

Expatriates enjoy Saudi Arabia's public museums and cultural centers, ultra-modern shopping malls and traditional merchants and markets. European-style restaurants in Saudi Arabia attract numerous Saudi Aramco employees.

Saudi Aramco's private communities offer spacious, modern, air-conditioned accommodations with low, subsidized rent.

Travel in Saudi Arabia and internationally is a popular pastime. In the Kingdom, expatriates enjoy day trips to local beaches – including a private beach. Desert camping and scuba-diving near the Red Sea's coral reefs are also available.

Generous vacation schedules and repatriation allowances give expatriate families ample opportunities to visit their home country annually and experience dream vacations to Europe, Asia, Africa and other destinations.

Saudi Aramco is seeking talented
professionals in a wide variety of fields.

As an empty nester couple, we find that living here gives us opportunities to do many things together – from sailing and scuba to meeting for lunch or taking a quiet walk in the evening

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