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The Saudi Aramco Schools (SAS) system enjoys an outstanding worldwide reputation for its quality educational program, professional staff, student achievement, supportive parents, excellent facilities and company support. Schools are located in the heart of each of the four Saudi Aramco-operated communities, and provide an American curriculum for grades K-9 for the children of expatriate employees of Saudi Aramco.

For expatriate students in 10th-12th grades, educational opportunities include the unaffiliated in-kingdom Dhahran High School , or boarding schools around the world. Education and travel reimbursements are provided for students attending schools outside Saudi Arabia.

SAS schools are staffed by highly qualified, talented educators committed to working effectively with students, promoting learning and expanding cultural awareness. Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 20 students per teacher in core classes and 25 in exploratory courses. Additionally, band, chorus and physical education have a maximum daily total contact per teacher of 200 students.

SAS facilities are modeled on North American campuses and equipped with spacious, networked classrooms, learning media centers, art studios, music rooms, science labs, gymnasiums, swimming pools, sports fields, band rooms and playground equipment. Community skateboard centers, swimming pools, running tracks, bowling facilities and tennis and racquetball courts are also used for school activities.

The 175-day school calendar begins in September and ends in June, comprising three 12-week trimesters. The school week runs Saturday through Wednesday, with weekends on Thursday and Friday in conformance with Saudi Aramco's and Saudi Arabia's work week. SAS observes all company holidays as well as the national holidays of Saudi Arabia.

For students, intersession breaks present a variety of field trips to countries around the globe. Recent trips included:

  • China, where students developed a better understanding of the country's history and its role in the world
  • Madagascar, where students participated in Habitat for Humanity homebuilding and toured the island's unique ecosystem of rainforests and deserts
  • Italy and Switzerland, where students explored cultural sites and developed their skiing skills on the Swiss Alps

A school board of parent-elected community members and company-appointed representatives provides advisory and policy-making oversight for matters directly related to SAS's educational program.

SAS also operates a community education program serving employees and their dependents by providing opportunities for members of the community to teach and learn. Courses may include English as a Second Language, foreign languages, exercise, arts and crafts, technology and history, among other topics.

Saudi Aramco is seeking talented
professionals in a wide variety of fields.

The schools my kids are attending have exceeded all my expectations. The facilities and curriculum are outstanding, and with teachers, teacher assistants and volunteers in classrooms, you'll often find as many as three adults helping a class of less than 20 students.

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