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Saudi Aramco's International Talent Quest

APPLY NOW to bring your talents and discover the many advantages of working for the world’s leading energy company. Take the opportunity to utilize cutting-edge technology in an organization that thrives on its commitment to excellence. The scale of our operations and advanced technical environment will stretch your capabilities to the fullest. Experience a rewarding career combined with exceptional quality of life in Saudi Arabia.

We offer a competitive salary with quality benefits featuring a generous travel allowance, six weeks of vacation, excellent healthcare, and a family-friendly lifestyle with access to top-rated schools. If you’ve ever wondered about a career with Saudi Aramco and the expatriate lifestyle, this is the time to pursue it.

Advance your career while experiencing a work-life balance. Saudi Aramco provides a chance to do it all.

Saudi Aramco hiring representatives will be in Houston in February conducting prescheduled interviews with experienced oil and gas professionals.

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Saudi Aramco is seeking talented
professionals in a wide variety of fields.

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