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Recruitment Process

Aramco Services Company (ASC), the U.S.-based subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, is pleased to provide support for candidates from North America interested in careers working for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia.

After a candidate submits an online resume for a posted job opening, the resume is reviewed by a recruiter at ASC. If a candidate possesses the required qualifications, the resume is transmitted to the Saudi Aramco hiring organization. For successful candidates (i.e., those who ultimately become employees of Saudi Aramco), the following process can be expected:


If a candidate appears to be qualified on the basis of his or her resume, the Saudi Aramco hiring organization will request that the candidate complete an Application for Employment. Since this standardizes information provided and the format in which it is presented, it assists in a uniform review of candidates by the hiring organization. Completion of an application at the time a resume is submitted is encouraged since it will reduce the time required later in the process.

Saudi Aramco decides which candidates to interview and requests ASC to coordinate scheduling. Interviews may be conducted at ASC offices or at recruiting events worldwide.


Because changing jobs is a major decision for most families, spouses are strongly encouraged to attend an orientation to help make the decision. If your orientation is in Houston, ASC provides the candidate and spouse with advance roundtrip airfare and hotel reservations. Meals and certain miscellaneous expenses are covered in lump sum at the time of interview to assure that a candidate's out-of-pocket expense is minimal. Orientation may be conducted at recruiting workshops when appropriate. The orientation is designed to give the candidate and spouse information about the company, compensation, benefits and the recruitment process.


Upon Saudi Aramco's authorization, ASC will extend a written conditional offer of employment. This offer specifies the conditions that must be met by the candidate for employment to take place and outlines the compensation package being offered. A detailed "Salary Worksheet" is provided with the offer letter.

Conditions of Employment

The conditions that must be satisfied for employment to commence include: undergoing a medical examination and background investigation, the results of which must be acceptable to Saudi Aramco; obtaining confirmation from Saudi Aramco that housing is available; and the candidate must be able to secure a visa to work and reside in Saudi Arabia from the Saudi Arabian government. There may be other special conditions for specific jobs, such as aircraft pilots.

Offer Acceptance

The candidate must accept the offer in writing, by signing and returning one of the original offer letters.

Relocation Processing

After offer acceptance, the candidate is assigned a Relocation Advisor to assist in meeting processing requirements. During this period, the candidate must clear the medical examination and background investigation; obtain Saudi Aramco clearance for any dependents that will attend Saudi Aramco Schools; be assigned a house by Saudi Aramco; obtain a visa from the Saudi Arabian Consulate; and have personal effects packed for shipment to Saudi Arabia; give notice to current employer; and finally, travel to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Aramco is seeking talented
professionals in a wide variety of fields.