Brett, Facilities Planning Specialist

A visit to Saudi Aramco in 2008 representing an equipment vendor and a return trip in 2009 for installation convinced Brett “what a great employer Saudi Aramco is and how nice the life is in the Dhahran community. I expressed my interest to my Aramco contacts and found that four departments were interested in me.”

As a Facilities Planning Specialist, Brett evaluates requests for capital improvements in projects ranging from potable water systems to heating/air conditioning and steam boilers. “We decide which projects to support and the best way to support them. Then we present recommendations to management and request funding. After nearly 30 years and a broad range of engineering experience, I could not be happier about landing this position,” Brett says.

Adding to the enjoyment of his new role is the peace of mind afforded by job security. “The very last thing on our minds is whether or not the company, with such massive proven reserves, will be in business next year or even in 50 years,” Brett explains. “That lets everyone stay focused on their work.”

With his family temporarily in Florida, Brett uses Skype for nightly calls to stay in touch. His new friends in Dhahran invite each other to frequent dinners, and he's dedicated himself to learning Arabic before retiring. Frequent trips to the gym and a four-mile roundtrip walk to work ensures plenty of exercise.

“There are countless reasons to join Saudi Aramco,” Brett says. “My top reasons are: the meaningful and rewarding work, the support and praise from management, great coworkers, a safe and secure environment, and a strong compensation package.”