Jeff, Project Engineer

After a decade-long career as a civil engineer in the United States, Jeff took a friend's suggestion to heart and applied to Saudi Aramco. “It's been what I'd hoped for – a stable experience for my family, enough time to really focus on raising our son, and the opportunity to take some really great trips,” Jeff says.

Jeff's job in Dhahran is to manage design projects across multiple divisions, from road and building improvements to refinery upgrades. “It's been very rewarding to work for a globally recognized oil and gas company. The international experience requires the ability to work together with many different cultures. Together, we are very productive,” Jeff explains.

Away from work, Jeff finds ample time for family and fun. “I'm home for dinner every evening, I get to play in a great softball league, and we take weekend trips to Al-Khobar or Dammam for shopping, restaurants, and just seeing the sights,” he says fondly.

Saudi Aramco expats can also take advantage of generous vacation packages to see the world. For Jeff and his family, that meant trips to both Paris and the Maldives in less than a year.

“The experiences at home are memorable, too. Hearing prayer calls coming from all the surrounding camps and towns during Ramadan was just amazing. I will also never forget our diving trips to the Red Sea – pristine coral and fantastic weather made it the best diving experience we've ever had,” Jeff says.