About saudi aramco

From engineering mega projects to creating industry-changing technologies to launching innovative new products, we have always had a relentless drive to succeed by maximizing the long-term, positive impacts we enable from our resources.

Fadhili Gas Plant

Fadhili is the first plant to treat non-associated gas from both onshore and offshore fields, and Fadhili is the first Saudi Aramco plant designed from the start to use Tail Gas Treatment, allowing it to achieve a sulfur recovery of more than 99.9%.

Now at 98% of project completion, the FGP is already processing up to 1.5 billion scfd of gas from two separate fields — the offshore Hasbah field, and the onshore Khursaniyah field. Within the next few months Fadhili will reach full capacity, and as part of the company’s Master Gas System (MGS) will help to meet the Kingdom’s growing demand for energy.

4 IR Center

Our 4IR Center (4IRC) is 2,500 square meters dedicated to innovation and exploring cutting-edge technology

The futuristic AI hub is ringed by a large concave screen that displays over 20 operational solutions, focused on developing advanced analytics and machine learning solutions. The UAV space demonstrates operational uses of air, ground, and underwater robots that support flare stack inspection, or methane gas detection.

The VR Zone is used to develop and train operators. Through augmented reality and virtual reality, they are able to get a live sense of the plant experience from a simulation booth.

Smart Helmets supporting operations during COVID-19

The technology behind the smart helmet, an Android tablet class wearable computer, is a hands-free device attached to a regular industrial helmet. It uses voice recognition software and allows for numerous functions such as easy document and screen sharing, high resolution image capturing, video recording, and real-time augmented reality mark-up for remote guidance. The helmet also enables multiple people to remotely run multiple support sessions at one time.