Recruitment process

Along with providing new thinking, new approaches, and new solutions for the future of energy, we aspire for talented professionals to join our team working for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia. We are looking for experienced, degreed professionals interested in contributing to a world-class operation while enjoying the expatriate lifestyle and offer rewarding opportunities for engineers, geoscientists, drillers, educators, and more. To be considered for a role overseas, five to ten years of experience is generally required for most positions.

Learn how to apply

Our site offers two ways to share your background and experience with us:

Consider your experience and background. Explore your interests through our job openings and submit your resume. If your qualifications match our needs, you may be contacted for an interview.

If you're unable to identify an opportunity that suits your background, join our Talent Community and upload your resume, where a member of our talent team can contact you once relevant positions become available.

Tip: Curate your professional profile

Use the job description requirements to highlight your relevant experience and skills.
Be specific and describe the significance of your work. Keyword alignment is important.
Emphasize the impact of the work you've contributed to major projects and tasks.
Use your professional profile/resume to focus on major accomplishments and qualifications that match the job.

Prepare for your interview

Innovation is highly valued here at Saudi Aramco, and thesis work that furthers the industry's general knowledge of oil and gas exploration and production is of particular interest. Active participation in relevant professional associations is also looked upon favorably.

If you are selected for an interview, we may contact you to provide more information. Be sure to check your inbox to ensure that emails from Aramco are not being sent to your junk folder.


In some cases, an initial assessment may be required for some roles, which can include technical, analytical aptitude, and/or behavioral evaluations. A member of our talent team will contact you to initiate this process should it be a requirement.

Interview format

If you are selected for an interview, a member from our recruitment team will contact you either by phone or email to schedule a time to meet the team and prepare you for your interview. The interview will provide the opportunity to meet Aramco's hiring team and learn more about the company and position as they get to know you better. The details will include the interview format, location, and other helpful information. This will ensure you are set up for success.

Below are some of the most common interview formats:

Preliminary phone interview: A member of the Talent Acquisition team at Aramco Americas will first schedule a call with you to discuss the position, your interest and qualifications.

On-site interviews: If your phone interview is favorable, the hiring team will further evaluate your resume, and we may invite you to an in-person interview when hiring managers are logistically available. Our on-site interview contains technical questions that help us assess your familiarity with problem-solving in your given field and may include a behavioral evaluation. Be prepared to explain how you approach problems and produce solutions.

Video interviews: When we're unable to host on-site interviews, we will alternatively invite you for a video interview, which may also contain technical questions that help us assess your familiarity with problem-solving in your given field.

Tip: We encourage you to ask questions during your interview to learn more about Saudi Aramco.

This may be the only opportunity to speak with the hiring team, therefore please use this time to talk about your qualifications and expertise, as well as ask questions as it relates to the job opening. Your dedicated recruiter is always available to answer questions relating to rewards and benefits.

Timing of offers and next steps will vary on department and position.

Conditions for employment in Saudi Arabia

A successful interview may result in a conditional offer of employment.

Conditions for employment in Saudi Arabia include, but are not limited to: medical examinations, background investigations, housing confirmation from Saudi Aramco, the enrollment of dependent children in Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools (as applicable), and permission to secure a visa to work and reside in-country from the Saudi Arabian government. Other special conditions apply for certain jobs requiring specific licenses or training.

Relocation processing

After your offer is accepted and all conditions for employment are met, you will be assigned a relocation advisor. This advisor is your go-to resource for the transition, providing helpful advice on everything from when to give notice to your current employer to visa services.

Tip: Be prepared to gather and complete documentation for conditions such as, but not limited to medical examinations, background investigations, Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools enrollment (if applicable) and visa requirements.


Changing jobs is a major decision, especially when a new opportunity means moving to another country. That is why we invite and provide new hires and their spouses to attend orientation programs that address important topics such as cultural similarities and differences, housing, schools, and more. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition from your current situation and into the expatriate lifestyle.

Tip: Orientation is offered weekly either virtually or on-site to accommodate your schedule.