John, Engineering Specialist

For John, the discovery of ice hockey leagues in Saudi Arabia brought back memories of the time and his wife spent in Calgary. He joined a league, which enriched his experience as a Saudi Aramco expatriate.

He and his wife have also become close friends with other couples in the Dhahran area who share similar interests and, coincidentally, acquaintances from Canada. “It shows you that it's a small world,” John says. “And also how mobile experienced oil and gas professionals have become.”

John says they take advantage of technology to stay in touch with friends and family. “It’s fun to Skype with our children who are attending schools in Canada and France,” he says. “It’s a great way to maintain contact, which is very important to us.”

Recreation takes many forms, from library visits, movies, gardening, and volunteer work to local sightseeing trips, international travel, and team sports. While Jeff is on the hockey rink, his wife, Carol, can frequently be found on the running path. Together, they also enjoy golf, baseball, swimming, sailing, yoga, cycling, and long walks.

“The efforts and opportunities made to ensure expats feel at home are amazing,” he explains.

John has also found satisfaction and reward in his work in upstream operations. “We work on challenging projects in a multicultural and professional organization” he says. “I enjoy playing a key role in transferring knowledge and optimizing the drilling of Aramco’s oil and gas wells.”