Jim, Head of Helicopter Pilot Training and Standards

One of the things that really stands out about Jim’s 10 years with Saudi Aramco is how fast the time has gone. “There are rewards every day,” he says, “The years slip by and before you know it, you're passing milestones in your career.”

As the head of Helicopter Pilot Training and Standards, Jim is responsible for developing and maintaining pilot training programs and conducting proficiency exams for 70 Saudi Aramco pilots. “It's a position that requires extensive knowledge of all matters involving the operation of our helicopters, “Jim says.

Jim's wife, Asa, works as a personal fitness trainer, lifeguard, and volunteer coach for the youth swim team in Ras Tanura. Both are triathletes and have competed in far-away events such as the Cape Argus Cycle Tour in South Africa, the Stockholm Marathon, and Austria Half-Ironman. Their children are also very active in sports such as swimming and diving.

Like most expats, Jim and his family have developed a passion for travel. “Our vacations are all about finding new adventures together,” Jim says.

In addition to Asa's native Sweden, their list of destinations includes Spain, Scotland, Morocco, Vietnam, Cambodia, Croatia, Australia, Mozambique, and diving trips to the Grand Caymans and Seychelles.

“We've met some really great people and have had some of the most memorable experiences that would have never happened otherwise,” Jim reminisces.