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Providing an excellent education for the children of Aramco expats has always been a top priority and started in 1944, when Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools (SAES) began as a one-room schoolhouse.

Our schools

Today, our school system has grown into a world-class educational system with six campuses and more than 4,500 students. Our facilities and curricula are modeled after North American schools, with spacious classrooms, small class sizes, media centers, art studios, music rooms, science labs, gymnasiums, sports fields, playground equipment, and the latest educational technology. 

 Serving students from pre-kindergarten through 9th grade, our schools have an outstanding reputation for high-quality education, experienced staff, high-performing students, engaged parents, excellent facilities, and outstanding company support. 

Our staff

We have built an ecosystem of dedicated educators at SAES. Our teaching staff consists of highly-qualified, talented, and caring educators committed to developing each child's full potential. Faculty members are North American-certified and have access to world-class resources and ongoing professional development opportunities to ensure continued professional excellence.

Our curriculum

Our programs emphasize academics, fine arts, applied arts, healthy lifestyles, athletics, and a wide range of co-curricular activities.

Our goal is to give students the knowledge they need to become well-rounded global citizens. This includes regular spring field trip opportunities that go well beyond what you would expect. Past field trips have included education excursions to China, Madagascar, Italy, Switzerland, Nepal, Tanzania, and Zululand. 

Continuing education

SAES serves students up to 9th grade. Prior to completing grade 9, students receive additional counseling, support, and mentoring as they research, select, and apply for secondary schools. Parents and students may select from international schools in the Dhahran area, or from a wide variety of traditional and boarding schools around the world.

Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools also administer community education programs for employees and their dependents. Courses include English as a second language, exercise, arts and crafts, technology, history, language studies, and more.