About saudi aramco

We develop and leverage advanced technologies to move our industry forward and shape the future of energy.

EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC)

EXPEC ARC's mission is to develop specialized upstream technologies to increase oil discovery and reservoir recovery from 50 percent to 70 percent in major producing fields

One such technology developed at EXEPC ARC is Resbot™, nano-scale robots deployed with reservoir fluids to collect data such as pressure, temperature, and fluid type. The information can then be used to manage resources more effectively and lay the groundwork for improved recovery rates.

The Resbot concept won the prestigious New Horizons Idea Award at the 2008 World Oil Awards.

Research & Development Center (R&DC)

R&DC conducts programs that target immediate, near-term, and long-range industry needs, from the desulfurization of crude oil to the management of carbon release.

R&DC also administers testing and deployment for leading-edge technologies that enhance operational reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Oil Supply, Planning & Scheduling (OSPAS)

OSPAS ensures that our hydrocarbon capacities and inventories are properly managed to meet customer needs and company profitability goals.

To keep track of key assets and operations in real time, OPSAS relies on the Operations Coordination Center (OCC). At the focal point of the OCC is the largest video wall in the hydrocarbon industry, providing in-depth data and a visual overview of operations worldwide.

OSPAS comprises five divisions: Oil, Gas & NGL, Terminal, Refined Products, and Supply Planning & Engineering. While each division has its own area of expertise, teams are highly integrated to ensure efficiency and operational excellence.