Julio, Reliability Engineer

In his first few months, Julio already believes he has collected a lifetime of memories, achieved professional success, and brought his family closer together.

“Working at Saudi Aramco has brought a whole new perspective on the industry, the community where we live, and the adventures we've been able to share,” says Julio.

As a reliability engineer in the Maintenance Department at the Ras Tanura Refinery, Julio is impressed by the company's sense of purpose and ability to maximize resources. “Saudi Aramco makes good use of technology, intellectual capital, and human resources to create the type of organized environment you'd expect in a pacesetter company,” Julio states.

Julio expected the expat experience to expand his horizons, both professionally and personally. But the experiences and opportunities his family have uncovered please him the most. “They feel at home in the community and have made many new friends from different nationalities and cultures. It has strengthened our bonds as a family. Our oldest child has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to study abroad and still spend time with us during holidays,” he says.

Our generous vacation policy makes travel a popular activity for our expats. For Julio and his family, it's at the top of the list. “We have made it a goal to be together for all the adventures Saudi Arabia has to offer. We've already experienced wonderful landscapes from the Red Sea to the desert, as well as new and modern cities like Al-Khobar and the Kingdom of Bahrain,” Julio says.